Paladino Latest Sharp Tongue Problem: Cursing About U.S. Attorney General

New York Republican gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino is once again in the spotlight for his sharp tongue, this time for cursing about the attorney general of the United States.

Previously unreleased video from March has surfaced where the nominee can be heard saying "f*** him, f***him" when asked about Attorney General Eric Holder's plans to hold terrorist trials in New York City. The Obama administration has since abandoned the move to hold the trials there. The video was obtained and posted by the political blog Hotline On Call Tuesday.

Paladino's fiery rhetoric has put the Republican nominee on the defense in the final weeks leading up to the election. Most recently he was criticized for his views on gays when he told a group of Orthodox Jewish leaders over the weekend that he doesn't want children "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality" is acceptable. His opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo called the comments "reckless."

Paladino has since clarified saying he's not anti-gay and would actively recruit gays to work for him, but does think kids shouldn't be exposed to gay parades or "extremists." He says before the event he had scratched out in the car the more "unacceptable" statements that were prepared for him.

Just a couple weeks ago he sparred with a New York Post reporter whom he told "I'll take you out" when the two had a confrontation over Paladino's charge that the media should be looking into Cuomo's personal life and not a past-affair and love-child of Paladino's. The Republican nominee had made vague, and unfounded charges that Cuomo might have had some extra-marital problems as well.

He also recently called New York's Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver a "criminal."

When asked on a The John Gambling talk show Tuesday morning if he expected the fallout over the last 48 hours over the gay comments, Paladino said, it "just seems like there's a continuous misstatement or abuse or exaggeration by certain members in the press that just keep chasing us around."

He still thought from his perspective, his campaign has been able to get its message out and blamed the Cuomo camp for "driving things into the gutter."

The nominee said his message is "clear" and "simple" --cut spending, not the rate of spending and cut taxes, not the rate of taxes. 

Paladino did concede some of his actions have caused a distraction though, "Well the problem was that I definitely stepped on my message in the last two weeks, twice," referring to the Silver comment and confrontation with the Post reporter.

Paladino, an attorney and real estate developer, is also backed by the Tea Party and is currently double digits behind Cuomo in recent polls.