Power Play

Abortion Foes Sue Colorado Over Voter Guide Analysis

An abortion group in Colorado is suing to force the state to change how it describes an abortion-related amendment before voters this fall.

Personhood USA, one of the sponsors of Colorado's Amendment 62, which would change the state constitution to grant citizenship rights at the "beginning of biological development," filed the suit Wednesday in Denver District Court.

The group says the Colorado Legislative Council refused to let it write the amendment and instead deliberately mischaracterized the summary in the state's Blue Book, the pro-and-con analysis of each ballot issue that is mailed to voters.

The group says the summary tells voters that women should be denied medical treatment for a miscarriage or doctors providing abortions could be arrested.

"We don't like it. It's not accurate," Cal Zastrow, a co-founder of the group, told FoxNews.com."The deal is this: Our opponents have written the pro and con."

"This is a political thing," Zastrow said, adding that the group wants to print its own summary. "It's just 14 words."

"The key for us is politically, the council is supposed to represent what the pros and cons want and they failed to do that," he said.

The council could not be reached for comment.

Critics of the amendment say it could block some forms of birth control and fertility treatments, not just abortion.

The Blue Book has already been mailed to an estimated 1.8 million voters, the Denver Post reported.

There have been five court challenges to the Blue Book language since 1996, the most recent one in 2006, but all of them were dismissed by Denver District Court judges, the Post reported.