Voters now know a thing or two about Harry Reid's type -- the Senate majority leader, speaking at a fundraiser Monday, reportedly called New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand "the hottest member," in front of a crowd that included the blond mother of two. reported that the remark caused Gillibrand to blush and surprised those in the audience. 

Reid apparently was explaining that senators are known for "many things," but that Gillibrand has a reputation as a Capitol Hill hottie. 

"We in the Senate refer to Senator Gillibrand as the hottest member," he said, according to the article. Plus she knows securities law, he added. 

It wasn't the first time Gillibrand's been the focus of a little legislative lusting. A Republican opponent once called her "attractive" during a debate, and the first-term senator is ranked at No. 3 on The Hill's list of the 50 "most beautiful" people on Capitol Hill. 

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Gillibrand spokesman Matt Canter said in an e-mail to that Reid was actually referencing the Hill article when he made the remark. 

"The leader was saying nice things about the work Senator Gillibrand and Senator Reid have done together over the last year and half, and made a joke referencing to the Hill article from earlier this year," he said. "Senator Gillibrand has the utmost respect for Senator Reid and looks forward to continue working together to repeal DADT, pass 9/11 health, and create good-paying jobs across the country." 

But Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene said the comment was over the line and is the kind of remark that discourages women from getting into politics. 

"Absolutely sexist. Absolutely not acceptable," she told Fox News. 

Reid's been on a roll lately in the dishing-out-uncomfortable-compliments department. Last week he referred to Democratic Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons as his "pet."