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President Obama met privately at the White House today with family members of those who died on the Horizon oil rig in April.

Those in the meeting described it as "emotional" saying it was the first time a significant amount of the family members of those who died in the accident had gotten together.

Chris Jones, who lost his brother in the April accident told Major Garrett the President talked to everyone in the room, going around table to table. "We took our opportuinity because, quite honestly how often does someone like me get the opportunity to meet a current president?"

Meanwhile, the White House is under increasing pressure from various media organizations asking why President Obama hasn't yet met with BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has said the corporate infrastructure dictates that the top person at BP is the CEO of the Board, not Hayward, but after days of questioning Gibbs did give a little saying "I wouldn't rule out a meeting with relevant BP officials."