Facebook Responds to Schumer

Facebook's spokesman, Andrew Noyes, had this to say about company officials' meeting with staff to Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY:

“We had a very productive conversation with Sen. Schumer’s office. We share the goal of user trust, the importance of innovation on the Internet, and how innovation can create better experiences for users. As an example, we talked about the success of the personalization announcements we made last week and the measurable benefits users and our Web partners have experienced. At the same time, we recognize that some users have concerns and we discussed ways to address them. The senator’s staff raised a number of questions that we promised to explore and respond to going forward. We appreciate their thoughts and look forward to their assistance in helping make sure users understand the controls they have over their information and what happens with information they share. More generally, we talked about responsible business practices for services that promote the sharing of personal information and communications across the Internet.”