President Obama meets with Reverend Billy Graham

President Obama met with the Reverend Billy Graham Sunday in North Carolina, the first meeting between the two men.

Graham, who has offered counsel and religious guidance to every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, prayed with the President.

White House Press Secretary Bill Burton said the President and Rev. Graham had a private prayer and conversation and Rev. Graham's son Franklin Graham was also in attendance.

"He [President Obama] is extraordinarily gratified that he took the time to meet with him," Burton told the reporters traveling with the President.

Burton said the President has wanted to meet with Rev. Graham for a while. In 2008, when the President did debate prep in Asheville, the two leaders were unable to meet due to scheduling conflicts for the Rev. Graham.

The President recently called Graham, for his 91st birthday, and the men agreed to "get together soon". Once the trip to Asheville was announced the White House reached out to Rev. Graham for a meeting.

The White House says the reason the men are meeting is because the Rev. Graham is an "important spiritual leader. A real treasure for our country and the president appreciates opportunity to visit with him. "