Cheney: Many Were Pleased I Cursed Out Leahy

On the same day Vice President Joe Biden lamented a lack of decorum in Washington -- including his own salty language at the signing of the health insurance overhaul last month -- former Vice President Dick Cheney laughed off his verbally explicit confrontation with Sen. Patrick Leahy six years ago.

Egged on by comedian and radio show host Dennis Miller, Cheney joked Thursday that his telling the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman to "F--- yourself" after Leahy, D-Vt., criticized him about his ties to energy firm Halliburton is seen by many as the best part of his eight-year tenure in the Bush administration.

"You'd be surprised how many people liked that. That's sort of the best thing I ever did," Cheney said after Miller thanked him "for almost kicking Patrick Leahy's a--."

"I love that move. One of my favorite stories. Muttering that," Miller said as Cheney laughed.

Click here to hear the audio exchange.

At the time of the incident in 2004, Cheney said he couldn't remember what he said to Leahy, but told Fox News that Leahy "had challenged my integrity. I didn't like that." 

"I expressed my unhappiness in the way he conducted himself," Cheney said of the Senate floor exchange.