President Obama Says No Litmus Test on Supreme Court Nominee But...

While President Obama says he does not have a litmus test when it comes to choosing a Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, he does say it is very important to him to nominate "somebody who is going to be interpreting our Constitution in a way that takes into account individuals' rights and that includes women's rights."

President Obama was asked if he was willing to choose a choose a nominee that does not support a women's right to choose.  The President acknowledged his pro-choice stance saying the issue of women's rights about their bodies and reproduction has been a contentious one in the United
States for a long time.

President Obama met with a bipartisan group of Senators that included party leaders as well as Judiciary Committee members Wednesday at the White House to discuss the nomination process.  He told reporters at the beginning of the meeting he hoped to start that process by naming a nominee in May or earlier.