VIDEO: And Then It was Dark…Lights Go Out for 23 Minutes During Greenspan Hearing

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A Capitol Hill hearing room went dark smack in the middle of the Financial Crisis Inquiry panel grilling former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan over the financial crisis.

The Rayburn office building experienced a partial power outage leaving the room dark for about 23 minutes.

Lawmakers scrambled to open up curtains to let more light in the room and did their best to keep the proceedings going.

The outage also caused technical problems and at one point Greenspan shook his head showing he couldn't hear because the microphones weren't working.

Panel Chairman Phil Angelides joked, "I just want to say, Mr. Greenspan, you gave a lights-out performance," Angelides said.

Greenspan is slated to be on the Hill two more days this week to continue the hearings.