Obama Campaign Plane Resurfaces

Well-known for his skillful campaigning, President Obama fell comfortably back into his niche today when he headed to Maine to rally support for his freshly-passed health care law.

As Commander-in-Chief, he travels in style; hopping from state to state on the most famous, best-equipped plane in the world-- Air Force One.

But it was not long ago that Mr. Obama flew economy class, sharing a 757 with the reporters covering his campaign.

In a bit of irony, as the President was feeling campaigny again, that plane has resurfaced. The press corps traveling with him to Portland climbed aboard their North American flight only to discover it was the very same plane Mr. Obama traversed the country on during his battle for the Presidency.

The White House press charters flights nearly every time the President goes out of town so they can be on the ground and reporting in advance of his visit to a particular location. By sheer chance this time, that plane was the Obama campaign charter.

However, it is not the first time the press has used the plane since the campaign. White House reporters and crews caught a ride on it when the President made a trip to Mexico and Trinidad last year.