Dems Win Parliamentary Victory on the Cadillac Tax

Democrats just scored a major victory in their argument with Republicans over the Cadillac tax, at least where the Senate Parliamentarian, Alan Frumin, is concerned.

The Cadillac tax, according to Frumin's guidance, does not violate the major point of order that would have brought down the entire bill -- the point of order that says nothing can have an affect on Social Security, this from two Senate aides.

A GOP aide noted that Republicans are NOT done contesting the Cadillac tax altogether, but this is a BIG victory for Democrats.

Republicans still have some points of order left on their platter of options, but they are scalpels that might carve off pieces of the bill, NOT axes that could kill the bill.

A senior GOP aide tells Fox News that next, Republicans plan to begin the process of flagging the dozens of drafting errors they have discovered in the reconciliation package that they believe violate parliamentary rules.