New England Company Unveils Brown Action Figure

Shown here is a new action figure depicting incoming Sen. Scott Brown. (Herobuilders.com)

Shown here is a new action figure depicting incoming Sen. Scott Brown. (Herobuilders.com)

Move over, He-Man. Take a seat, She-Ra. Sen.-elect Scott Brown is the new superhero in town. 

Seizing on Brown's hero status within the GOP following his upset victory in Massachusetts, a custom dolls company has created a new action figure modeled after the truck-driving Republican lawmaker. 

The Boston Herald's Inside Track column reported that Herobuilders.com will release the Brown action figure on Tuesday. 

"He's a man of action who stepped into the ring, 30 points down, and in just one month does the impossible," Emil Vicale, head of the Connecticut-based company, told the Herald. 

The Beltway buff will come in three different versions. 

The "Scott Brown Everyman Action Figure" dresses Brown in jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. The "2012 Executive" Brown dresses him in a professional, presidential head-to-toe suit. 

And, for "adults only," the "Cosmo Man Anatomically Correct" Brown dresses the incoming senator in ... well, nothing except for a tastefully placed fig leaf. That one is a send-up to Brown's infamous 1982 Cosmopolitan photo shoot. 

The company specializes in action figures of celebrities and has a full line of politically themed ones -- including President Obama, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

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