Exclusive: Gibbs Tells Wallace Brown Win Mirrors Obama's

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace in an exclusive interview Sunday that Republican Scott Brown's upset victory in the Massachusetts Senate race was not the sour message from voters that Republicans want you to think it was.


In fact, Gibbs said, the win was reminiscent of some of the same factors that led to President Obama's own rise the Presidency. "[T]hat kind of anger and dissatisfaction at the fact that Washington far too many times puts the special interests ahead of their interests -- that anger still persists. That's what people said in Massachusetts."

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn doesn't buy that argument. "The Massachusetts voters... were saying they didn't want this nationalized health care bill. They didn't want to see their premiums go up. They didn't want to see taxes go up," he told Wallace.

"If the White House and the Democrats didn't get that message, then I think they really missed the point of what happened in Massachusetts."


When Wallace noted Brown "explicitly campaigned against the Obama agenda,", Gibbs countered, "Well, that may be what he campaigned on, but that's not why the voters of Massachusetts sent him to Washington."