Boston Mayor Looks to Block Yemeni Tankers From Entering U.S. Harbor

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is looking to block Yemeni tankers from delivering liquefied natural gas into Boston Harbor next month, The Boston Globe reported Friday.

Menino, who called the deliveries "wrong," reportedly said Thursday that he is seeking legal assistance to prevent the tankers from entering the harbor -- and instead force them to unload away from the city as a security precaution.

"We're in extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of our city," the mayor said in an interview with the newspaper. "They cannot be coming into a harbor like Boston, where there is less than 50 feet between the tankers and residential areas."

Menino's call to block the shipments from entering the harbor comes a week after a Nigerian man -- who may have trained in Yemen -- attempted to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

Other lawmakers have also supported Menino's initiative, including Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and John Leo McKinnon, chairman of the city's public safety committee, according to the newspaper.

Hundreds of cargo container ships and oil tankers enter the U.S. each day, but only a small fraction are inspected -- raising concerns over the country's maritime security in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

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