At a sold out DNC fundraising reception in San Francisco Thursday evening, President Obama pledged that he was ready to fight against anyone standing in the way of his priorities saying, "I want everyone to know who's standing in the way of progress, I'm not tired. I'm just getting started. You can throw whatever you want at me. Keep it coming. We're going to get this done. We're going to get health care done."

The President also singled out conservative critics who he felt were not testing his ideas or his party's proposals but merely standing on the sidelines and rooting for failure on health care reform and the economy, "When I'm busy and Nancy (Pelosi) is busy with our mop cleaning up somebody else's mess , we don't want somebody sitting back saying you're not holding the mop the right way. Why don't you grab a mop, why don't you help clean up."

A democratic source says the fundraising reception and more intimate dinner held earlier in the evening were expected to raise about three million dollars.