First Lady Tackles Childhood Obesity

First Lady Michelle Obama aims to protect all children when she spoke about childhood obesity before an audience at Health and Human Services tuesday afternoon. "What does it mean that medical experts are warning that for the first time that the next generation is on track to having a shorter lifespan than this generation."

Mrs. Obama pointed out that many families are on a tight budget and working long hours so it's not always easy to put a well-balanced meal on the table. She mentioned her own struggle as a working mom dealing with two children before entering the White House and the words drive-thru were like "heaven."  Mrs. Obama remembers it was just two years ago that she was "coming home from an event and I was tired, tired, and knowing you are going home to an empty fridge and they don't want to eat. You don't want to argue. You want a peaceful meal," the First Lady told her laughing audience. "You want them to be quiet and eat. So you give in and get that takeout."

Her children's' pediatrician noticed a difference and suggested she might want to change what the girls were eating. Mrs. Obama urged the audience to add fruits and vegetables to meals and cut down on sugary drinks by switching soda with water. She even suggested standing in front of the television instead of sitting as a form of exercise.  "The best way to change your children's lives is to see them watching you change yours."