Report: DNC Scraps Health Care Ad at Dole's Request

The Democratic National Committee reportedly has decided to yank a new TV commercial on health care reform at the request of former Sen. Bob Dole, who complained to the White House that the ad was deceptive. 

The New York Times reported Sunday that Dole's request was granted within hours. A DNC spokesman said as soon as Dole complained the DNC "immediately" agreed to scrap the ad. 

The swift reaction is a sign that Democrats hope Dole will be among the few Republicans to back their version of health care reform. The Senate Finance Committee, the last congressional committee to take up the proposed overhaul, is set to vote on its version of legislation this week. 

Dole objected to the new health care ad because it listed him among prominent Republicans supporting health care reform. 

While Dole has pushed for bipartisan reform, a spokesman for the former presidential candidate told the Times that the ad was "deceptive" because it strongly suggested Dole was supporting Democrats' health care legislation. "That is patently false," spokesman Michael Marshall said.

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