Obama met with General McChrystal today in Copenhagen



Aboard Air Force One this morning, President Obama met with his top Afghanistan commander. Mr Obama and Army General Stanley McChrystal met for 25 minutes on the presidential plane in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Obama was overseas to make a presidential push Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic games before the International Olympic Committee. McChrystal was in London Thursday for a speech on Afghanistan and traveled to Copenhagen to meet with the Commander in Chief.

"The president wanted to take the opportunity to get together with Gen. McChrystal," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard AF1 just before takeoff for Washington.

According to the White House, the two men wanted to continue their conversation on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today's meeting would be their third since Obama picked McChrystal to head the effort in Afghanistan back in May.

In a television interview over the weekend, McChrystal disclosed he and Obama had only spoken once since the general arrived in Kabul. But then on Wednesday, the president met with his national security team to discuss the region and McChrystal joined that dialogue via satellite. Today's meeting however would be the first time the two have met face to face since McChrystal became commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The president will next meet with his national security team on Wednesday.

According to Gibbs, when Mr Obama learned McChrystal would be in London, the president asked the general to meet him on the tarmac after Obama's last-minute pitch before the IOC, which votes today.

President Obama is reviewing the US strategy in Afghanistan, as Taliban efforts are gaining strength in parts of the country and political stability is in question after the recent fraud-tainted Afghan presidential election. McChrystal is seeking additional US troops, arguing without them, the US could lose the war.