LIVE blogging the Obama G20 News Conference

President Obama is answering reporters' questions in Pittsburgh at the conclusion of the G20 Summit. Here is what President Obama is saying now (these are notes, not quotes, as it's happening live):

5:12p - Here in Pittsburgh, taken several significant steps to secure our recovery. Brought economy back from the brink. Laid groundwork for prosperity.

5:14p - Today, forged new framework for sustainable, balanced growth. Coordinated stimulus plans avoided catastrophe, but need to make sure when growth returns, jobs do, too.

5:15p - We can't grow complacent. New framework allows each of us to oversee each others policies.

5:16p - Bring transparency to derivatives market, strengthen capital standards, tie executive pay to long-term performance. Our financial system will be far more secure.

5:17p - We agreed to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. All nations have a responsibility to meet this challenge.

5:17p - We will shift more responsibility to emerging economies and help lift people out of poverty.

5:19p - We have never been more united in demanding Iran to live up to its responsibilities.

5:20p - It's important to see what happened today building on what happened in NY. You had unprecedented show on behalf of world community. Not only did US, France and UK stand before you, but you had China and Russia as well issue statements calling for immediate IAEA investigation. That kind of solidarity is not typical. Anyone could have been doubtful that would happen.

5:21p - Iran on notice that they are going to have to make a choice: path to security and prosperity by giving up nuclear weapons pursuit or continue down path that will lead to confrontation. What has changed is international community has spoken. Now up to Iran. Not going to speculate on course of action.

5:22p - Iran would make a mistake in ignoring call to respond in forthright manner.

5:23p - We do not rule out any options when it comes to security interests of US, but my desire to resolve this diplomatically.

5:24p - We went into Afghanistan not because we were interested in entering that country or positioning ourselves regionally but because Al Qaeda killed 3,000+ Americans and tried to continue killing Americans. My goal: to dismantle Al Qaeda network. Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan are critical in that.

5:25p - Obviously, allegations of fraud in recent Afghan election are of concern to us. Waiting for full report.

5:27p - I asked McChrystal to give me an unvarnished assessment and he's done that. Military component is only one part. Need civilian, diplomatic components.

5:28p - I understand the public's weariness. Every time we get a report of young man or woman who has fallen, it's an extraordinary reminder of the sacrifice. I would expect the public to ask tough questions. We're not going to arrive at perfect answers, but my solemn obligation is to make sure get best answers possible.

5:29p - If you've looked at any of the other summits that have taken place-- in London, there were hundreds of thousands on the streets. Mayor and county executive deserve credit for managing a very tranquil summit. Many protests are addressed generically at capitalism. One of great things about the US is you can speak your mind, but I disagree free market is source of all ills. If they'd paid attention to what was going on inside, they would have heard strong recognition that it's important to make sure the market is working for ordinary people and doesn't cause the kinds of crises we had.

5:33p - With respect to the intelligence we presented to the IAEA, this was product of three intel agencies. These intel agencies checked over this work in a painstaking fashion because we didn't want ambiguity. The response you saw today indicates degree to which this intel is solid. Iran was constructing a facility it had not declared contrary to rules governing the IAEA.

5:34p - By keeping the path to diplomacy open, strengthens world unity. You're starting to see the product of that unfold this week. Saw strong affirmation at the UN of principles of non-proliferation treaty. When we find diplomacy does not work, will be in stronger position to apply sanctions that have bite. I would like nothing more than have Iran choose the [diplomatic] path.

5:36p - This isn't a football game, so I'm not interested in victory. I'm interested in solving the problem. (answering a question about a WH aide calling Iran announcement a "victory")

5:38p - I will not get into details about sanctions but if you have international community making united front, Iran's going to have to pay attention. It's very important in these high-stakes situations to make sure the intelligence is right and we wanted all three agencies to have thoroughly scrubbed this and to make sure that we were absolutely confident about the situation and we are and now it's time for Iran to respond.