The First Family vacation comes to a close

President Obama and the First Family wrap up their Martha's Vineyard vacation Sunday. But before heading back to Washington this afternoon, Mr Obama took his daughters out for some sweets.

Obama brought Malia, Sasha and his niece Suhaila to a general store not far from where the family is vacationing. The president said the girls were each allowed one treat, and while they explored the store, the president shook hands and posed for photos. The candy and ice cream the girls choose only cost $4.99, but Mr Obama handed the clerk a 20 dollar bill and declined the change. 
The group then crossed the street to the local deli and bakery where Potus again posed for photos and chatted with staff.  The president was overheard speaking to the owner of the store about the various golf courses on the island. The president played 4 times while on Martha's Vineyard, and was apparently unimpressed with his own game confessing, "I'm not that good."
Mr Obama bought an oatmeal raisin cookie at the second stop, and offered his eldest Malia to pick something out. She asked for a pack of gum, which the president obliged, but when the youngest asked for a pack as well, the president told Sasha she'd have to share with her sister.