Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Besides the birth of President Obama in 1961, the following are notable events in history:

1693 Dom Perignon invents champagne
1862 U.S. government collects its first income tax
1892 Sunday school teacher Lizzie Borden is arrested in Fall River, Mass.
1910 Philadelphia A's Jack Coombs and White Sox Ed Walsh pitch a 16-inning scoreless tie
1914 Germany declares war on Belgium; Britain declares war on Germany; U.S. declares neutrality
1916 The United States agrees to buy Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million
1944 Anne Frank, 15, is arrested by Nazis
1945 Golfer Byron Nelson records most tournament wins (18) in a season
1949 NBL and NBAA merge into the National Basketball Association
1956 Elvis Presley releases the song "Hound Dog"
1977 President Carter establishes the Department of Energy
1981 Oliver North begins working at the White House
1984 Prince's "Purple Rain" album goes to No. 1 and stays there for 24 weeks
1987 Federal Communications Commission votes 4-0 to rescind the fairness doctrine for broadcasters

People who share a birthday on Aug. 4:
Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens 
Actors Billy Bob Thornton, Wesley Snipes and Richard Belzer
Journalist Helen Thomas
Musician Louis Armstrong
Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley
Queen Elizabeth
Diplomat Raoul Wallenberg
PLO leader Yasser Arafat
FOX News anchor Bret Baier