President Obama didn't disappoint baseball fans tonight, managing to keep his ceremonial first pitch out of the dirt with the help of Cardinals catcher, Albert Pujols.  

One person probably not legend Willie Mays, who accompanied Obama aboard Air Force One en route to St. Louis.  In remarks to the traveling press aboard Air Force One, Mays predicted that the President would "be fine" and the secret to throw was to  "follow through."

Following his pitch, President Obama joined announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the booth for about ten minutes to talk baseball.  Obama said he's "not a Cubs hater" despite his his love for the crosstown rival White Sox, whose jacket he donned for his appearance on the mound.   And when asked about a bailout plan for the National League, who are hoping to snap a 13 year losing streak in the All-Star Game, President Obama joked " No, we're out of money".