Obama Praises Ford in Front of other Car Execs

President Obama praised his personal car of choice in front of other automaker executives during a White House event announcing new fuel efficiency standards.   "I just want to mention, I think I still have my Ford parked in Chicago," the President said to audience laughter. "It's a Ford hybrid, it runs great, you guys should take a look."  He quickly realized he was standing with executives from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW as well as the two US automakers the federal government has offered aid to, Chrysler and General Motors.  While the laughter continued, the President recovered saying "but there are also some outstanding hybrids -- and energy-independent cars represented up here, so I didn't want to just advertise for one."

Upon assuming the Presidency, Obama left his Ford Escape hybrid back in Chicago and now cruises around in an armoured General Motors Cadillac nicknamed "the Beast."