President Obama celebrates Easter @ St. John's

President Obama celebrated Easter close to home, at St. John's Episcopal Church.

Only seconds away from the White House, across Lafayette Park, the church is no stranger to a Presidential entourage. According to the church, every President of the United States since 1816 has attended at least one service at St. John's. President George W. Bush spent many Sundays there during his time in office and President Obama started off the day of his inauguration with a private prayer service at the church.

The President's choice on where to worship has been closely watched since he renounced his former pastor and friend, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, after Wright's controversial comments came to light in the midst of a heated democratic presidential primary last spring. The last time the First Family attended services was two days before the inauguration, at 19th street Baptist Church.

However, a caution for those thinking of showing up next Sunday to catch a glimpse of Mr. Obama, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters on Thursday that the church the President attended on Easter would not "necessarily be the one he continues to attend."