Grade school's anti-border wall posters describe police as predators

At first glance, the posters displayed inside classrooms at El Camino del Rio/River Road Elementary School seemed innocuous.

"Immigrants Welcome," the posters read.

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But there was more. There was a drawing that included wire cutters and a barbed-wire fence. And there was more writing:

"The border is not a wall - it's a system of control. It doesn't protect people; it pits them against each other. It doesn't foster togetherness; it breeds resentment. It doesn't keep out predators; it gives them badges and guns," the posters read. "The border does not divide one world from another. There is only one world, and the border is tearing it apart."

Eugene, Ore. radio station KLCC reports there was also a website address on the posters -- directing readers to a pro-anarchist website called, "

Crimethinc describes itself as a "rebel alliance" and an "international network of aspiring revolutionaries extending from Kansas to Kuala Lumpur."

The organization is a "secret society pledged to the propagation of crimethink."

So why would teachers at an elementary school expose children to a self-proclaimed "international network of aspiring revolutionaries?"

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