Melania and the media -- what we learned this week about the press and our first lady

Melania Trump boarded Air Force One on Tuesday wearing a fabulous pair of stilettos, to the grave consternation of our media, who critiqued her as over-dressed for a storm-devastation visit.

Over 17,000 Texans began their day on Tuesday in shelters, completely water-logged and heartbroken … but let’s focus on Donald Trump’s wife’s feet.

Houston, we have a problem.

So many reporters have entirely shed the shield of objectivity while continuing to employ journalistic terms like “coverage” and “facts” and “truth,” that they impugn the credibility of the fourth estate and betray the American people.

It’s one thing to harbor an irrepressible bias while reporting on some news event – one shouldn’t be so naïve as to think that unbiased reporting actually exists – but it’s another thing entirely to focus on a trivial issue just for the opportunity to criticize. At that point, what’s the use? You lose all your credibility. You’re a eunuch in a harem.

Furthermore, what are these self-appointed style mavens expecting Melania to do, that she shouldn’t wear gorgeous shoes? Start digging? Ladle soup? Hand out blankets? All of these things and more can be done wearing heels.

Perhaps her critics themselves never do any of the aforementioned activities, and their harsh disparagement of her is motivated by jealousy, which is so unattractive, and so unheeled!

After all, remember the satisfaction of witnessing First Lady Michelle Obama showing up to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort? Yeah; me, neither. Wait, remember when Hillary visited tornado-stricken Oklahomans with Bill? No, because she didn’t. Perhaps those gals couldn’t find the right pair of pumps.

People are waking up to this kind of partisan hit job, and The People are fed up. After all, there’s a reason Donald Trump is president: mainly the hubris of the impotent media, that purports to think for The People, although their thoughts are the very definition of unthoughtful. Open mouth and insert foot.

For her part, the first lady shooed them away.

Melania boarded Air Force One looking chic in her heels and carrying her own umbrella. She arrived wearing sneakers, ready to serve as she could, if it would be only to bring attention to much-needed support. Her critics are just a bunch of heels, wearing high-waters.

A recovering international fashion model who adores shoes, Sam Sorbo produced the film “Let There Be Light,” opening October 27th.