Stuart Varney: All of the endless leaks sure looks like an attempt to reverse last year's election

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Moments from now Attorney General Jeff Sessions takes to the podium to deliver a progress report on the hunt for leakers.

Good. We hope he's made a lot of progress. We hope he and General Kelly can plug these leaks, because they endanger the country, and the ability of our elected president to pursue the policies that got him elected.

The latest leak is an outrage. The Washington Post has published transcripts of President Trump's phone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia. This is the deliberate under-mining of foreign policy, diplomacy and national security. An obvious attempt to embarrass our president. And the post did this because “we have the right to know"?  Nonsense. They just hate him and they want to end his presidency now.

Part of the problem here, is that the federal government still has a large number of high level staffers held over from the Obama years. The democrats won't confirm their replacements, so the Trump administration is stuck with some disloyal bureaucrats!

When you see endless leaks, all designed to undermine Trump's ability to govern, you have to think it’s organized. It sure looks like an attempt to reverse last year's election. 

You'll hear from the attorney general right here.

Adapted from Stuart Varney’s “My Take” on Thursday August 4, 2017.

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