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Bill O'Reilly: Wiretaps and your health

'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 3/16


Wiretaps and your health. -- The two things are separate, thank God.

Today the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a statement saying they have no evidence that anyone tapped the Trump Tower.

Not a surprise.

Also today, the White House dragged our pal [Special Report anchor] Bret Baier into that and he'll be here shortly.

But first, the debate over your health and how the country should treat you.

Fact number one: We need a new health care system because working Americans are paying too much for health insurance, and the federal government is running up debt that will eventually harm every single one of us.

So Congress needs to move it.

But no matter what the Republican majority in Congress comes up with, the opposing party will not vote for it. [Here’s what President Trump told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:]

 “If we had the greatest health care bill ever in history, and we needed eight votes from the Democrats to get us up to the 60 number that you would need, they would not vote for it. It's a very selfish thing. They are doing a very, very bad disservice to the country.”

Now, it is certainly true that ObamaCare passed in the first place without one Republican vote.

So to be fair, partisan politics dominates both sides of the aisle.

But there's one very important difference -- ObamaCare was an unknown when it passed in 2010.

Now, we know it doesn't work! Because health insurance premiums are rising for too many Americans and a number of health insurance companies are simply bailing out of the system because they can't make enough profit.

So the situation must be improved for the good of everybody.

Here's what should happen:

The federal mandate that all Americans must buy health insurance is not a good thing.

Even though the Supreme Court said it’s constitutionally okay, it really isn't. The feds have no right to tell us to buy anything.

However, there are millions of Americans who simply cannot afford health insurance.

And those folks should be able to receive government assistance, but in order to make it efficient that assistance should come from the states through Medicaid.

Also health insurance companies should compete nationwide. That would drive down the premiums for working families.

In addition, those Americans who do not buy health insurance, who won’t buy it, should have to pay a bit more for coverage after they get sick.

It is simply not fair for someone to wait until they have cancer and then want the same insurance rate as a healthy person.

It's also not fair for the partisan press to say folks will “lose” their health insurance if those same people refuse to apply for Medicaid or whatever.

I mean come on.

As “Talking Points” laid out last week, there is a huge conflict between the Bernie Sanders people who want free health insurance for everybody and conservatives who say you should pay your own way.

That's at the heart of the health care debate, and it's never going to be resolved.

But for the good of all Americans, these pinheads in Congress should try to get the best bill possible and put their ideology on the shelf.

Working Americans do not deserve to be gouged paying for health care insurance.

And, yes, we are a compassionate country, so we have to have safety nets for those who cannot support themselves.

The problem is, the can-nots mix with the will-nots and the system gets hammered. But that's another problem that’s never going to be be solved.

There will always be irresponsible Americans who game the system.

“Talking Points” believes the Republican version of ObamaCare will make it through the House with some compromises and arrive in the Senate at the end of March.

There are a few Democratic senators who might be won over but only a few.

So a new health care law is shaky to say the least.