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Gretchen's Take: Electability will be biggest factor for GOP

Republican voters will start considering who can beat Clinton or Sanders


After a wild night in Iowa -- all eyes now go to New Hampshire -- a totally different state of voters with different priorities for the candidates they select. Donald Trump led in the polls in Iowa, but didn't capture the top spot in the actual caucus. He currently leads by a bigger margin in New Hampshire, where he hasn't consistently lead though is in the national head to head match ups against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

In the recent CNN/ORC poll, Clinton beats trump 48 - 47 percent within the margin of error, and Sanders beats Trump 50 - 47 still in the margin of error.

Interestingly enough, Rubio and Cruz also get beat by Sanders, but do slightly better than Trump against Clinton.

We've talked about the importance of the evangelical vote, the shared values vote, immigration, and even the economy -- but it’s my belief that "electability" will become the greatest factor moving forward on the GOP side. As we continue in the voting process -- who do voters think can beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? voters in New Hampshire may decide to start coalescing behind candidates in the next week with that in mind.