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Gretchen's Take: There's a good reason for all the Bloomberg buzz

Party nominees could leave independents out in the cold


Much is made about how nothing gets done in Washington, D.C. anymore and how both parties are more divisive than ever. But a new poll has found at least one commonality between Republicans and Democrats -- anger.

In the new Monmouth University poll, when asked "How many Americans do you think feel angry about Washington politics?"  53 percent said "most" with 9 percent saying "all".

So from where does the anger come from? 

Half say elected officials who are not willing to "compromise" while 40 percent say elected officials are not willing to stand up for their "principles."

But here's the key question to me. When asked, "How much does it concern you that our country would suffer lasting damage if policies were put into place that differ from yours?" a whopping 50 percent say it concerns them a great deal.

It’s noteworthy then, that the two candidates polling the highest right now – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders -- both hold their political party's more extreme positions. If they were their party’s nominee – it would leave many independents without a place to go.

And that’s a perfect reason why former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- an independent -- is making waves about entering this race.