Roger Stone: Why conservatives should back Trump

Charles Hurt, Roger Stone weigh in


Some long time conservative activists have signed a manifesto complaining that Donald Trump is not conservative enough. In fact, there's plenty of conservative red-meat in Trump's platform to warm the heart of any on the right.

Trump has put forward the most radical pro-growth and pro-business tax proposal of any candidate, a set of proposals praised by supply side guru and former Reagan economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

Trump's dynamic proposal would cut the U.S. corporate tax rate below that of China, end the practice of inversion in which over $2 trillion harbored off-shore by US companies would be brought back to the U.S. to be taxed at a fair rate, Wall Street's hedge fund managers would finally pay their fair share and every American would get a tax cut.

Trump is a life-long supporter of the Second Amendment and has a coveted and difficult to get concealed carry permit in New York City. Having known "The Donald" for almost 40 years, I can say that the odds that he is carrying a weapon for his protection -- most of the time when he is in New York -- are overwhelming. Does this sound like a gun grabber to you?

Trump has vowed to rebuild our military to be second to none as a deterrent to those who would engage us. This is based on the principle of "Peace through Strength " exposed by Barry Goldwater and practiced by Ronald Reagan. Trump would also end our pinprick military strategy against ISIS and ramp up a full scale effort to destroy the terrorists.

Trump once supported abortion on demand. This changed after the birth of his youngest son, Barron. The Trumps came to view every life as precious.

Doomed is the movement that doesn’t embrace converts.

I met Donald Trump 37-years-ago when I was sent to New York to organize the state for Ronald Reagan. Trump and his father, one of the original financiers of Goldwater, were on the Reagan Finance Committee.

I recalled this three years ago when I asked Donald to address a South Florida Tea Party Rally, an event which drew a record crowd.

Trump has been on the front lines.

Many of the co-signers of the National Review manifesto are friends of mine. I recall, however, the dictum of NR founder Bill Buckley who said "I'm for the most conservative candidate who can win."

In 2016 that person is Donald J. Trump.

Roger Stone is author of "Nixon's Secrets: The Rise, Fall and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon" (Skyhorse Publishing) which will be released on August 11.