Gretchen's Take

Gretchen's Take: Good news for Hillary Clinton (at least right now)



Let's dig deeper into the new Quinniapiac poll on presidential candidates.  And, for this particular poll, December is turning out to be a good news month for Hillary Clinton, as she appears to be gaining ground against Republican competitors. 

Against Donald Trump, the current front runner on the GOP side, Hillary Clinton widens her lead 47 to 41 percent. -- That's compared to 46 to 43 percent back just a month ago. And, she's now beating the other top 3 contenders now as well.

Hillary Clinton -- at 45 percent to Senator Marco Rubio’s 44 percent, compared to a 46 to 41 percent Rubio lead last month. 

Clinton now tops Cruz 47 to 42 percent, compared to Cruz at 46 percent to Clinton’s 43 percent at the beginning of the November.

And, Clinton at 46 percent to Carson’s 43 percent now compared to Carson’s whopping 50 to 40 percent lead less than 30 days ago.

This is interesting to me as the main topic of conversation since the last poll was conducted has been the Paris terror attacks and the question of whether we are safe here in the United States.

Is that issue being reflected in these poll numbers or is Hillary Clinton's rise due to something else?

My prediction, after the next GOP debate next week these numbers could flip flop once again.