The Cigar Lifestyle

“A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar……. is always a smoke.” -Groucho Marx


Only in America can you go from being a high profile lawyer to a high profile cigar aficionado. And quite frankly anything beats being the former!

A good’ol cigar or stogie conjours up different images in my mind. Part of me thinks of the good old days where leather club chairs were filled with men in tuxedos, dinner jackets and even smoking jackets holding crystal goblets sparkling with liquid gold. Conversations of philosophy, politics and culture filled the air, all by the fireplace that was stoked by the butler at hand.


Roll forward to present day and here’s the more likely scenario: buck-eyed cigar smokers desperately looking for a venue that allows such a pastime to be conducted. Standards and expectations have also lowered. Their simple requirements are that such aforementioned venues have a roof, four walls and preferably, a door.

Secondly these so called establishments are multi-purpose tobacconists with old chairs probably inherited from the owners’ ancestors and if you’re lucky you can even find a plastic garden chair as a substitute. You are then probably in the company of patrons who show up in a style that resembles the fashion sense of those who indulge in tailgating or those who have managed to escape the clutches of their spouses under the pretext of running errands at their local home improvement store.

If you are looking for an accompaniment such as a liqueur or your choice of liquor then stay thirsty my friends. At best you are most likely to find a kettle, powdered milk and stale instant coffee…….for two dollars and fifty cents.

But who cares? Only because you are in the company of like-minded individuals who will sacrifice these frivolities just to enjoy a smoke. And that my friendly aficionados is what the power of indulging in a great cigar has over those who enjoy a good smoke.

On my show, The Vipp Jaswal Report,  Rocky Patel has taken the cigar world by storm because neither does he come from the industry or is he remotely South American by descent. He stresses that cigars should be a leisurely pursuit for those who wish to relax and value the stretch of time rather than the rush of it.

Choosing a cigar is a very sensual experience. From the color of the leaves, to the natural oils that are emanated, to the width and length desired, to the touch and feel in your fingers and finally to the taste of the smoke. Rocky takes appreciation of cigars from a wistful smoke to becoming a talking point worthy of one’s intellect.

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