Dear Martha,

Please don't join the "War on Women."  Pardon the pun, but I have been stewing over the nasty comments you made recently about how Gwyneth, “… just needs to be quiet. She's a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn't be trying to be Martha Stewart." 

We don't need this. The only "War on Women" I have ever experienced is in attacks like yours on Gwyneth -- not from men, but from other women!  

As a fellow tall blonde entrepreneur, I, too, have been the recipient of other women going for my jugular for no reason (other than their own insecurity and jealousy) which is crushing and very damaging. This kind of behavior does not help women "strive to be entrepreneurial" as you encourage women to be.  


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Isn't that what Gwyneth is doing? No matter how beautiful, rich, and thin Gwyneth is, it still must be excruciating to have to take the horribly mean blows that are aimed at her on the international stage -- all for her love-filled intentions. 

Haven't you learned this from the low times in your life when you have been under attack by the media?  This is not "a good thing."

Gwyneth has taught me how to make the best pico de gallo and guacamole of my life (for which I will be forever grateful), in addition to many other wonderful life-loving and fun things that have added excitement, and at times, much needed joy to my life.  

Even though she and I frequently disagree politically, I still appreciate her unique perspective.

With the world burning all around us, let's stop the "War on Women" from within by supporting Gwyneth's delicious efforts on her “Goop” website as "a good thing."  

Do I wish I had the discipline to maintain a bod as hot as Gwyneth's? Yes! But taking her down publicly is not going to make you or me as skinny as she.  It's hurtful, wrong, and not empowering at all.   

If Gwyneth decided to stop Gooping or "just be quiet" as you put it, because it is not worth the hate that is thrown her way, there would be one very unhappy stomach over here that I do not believe could be satiated by you.

We can bake this unfortunate spat into something sweet.  How about a cook off between the two of you for charity?  It would be ratings gold and for a good cause. Give me a call.

Jennifer Cohen is a literary agent in New York City. Follow her on Twitter@JenniferC_NYC.