True independence

Fourth of July


I am continually in awe of my country.

Over the past week, the Supreme Court has handed down some decisions that have sparked controversy.   Declarations for and against the judgments have been the theme of many a talk show, eaten up miles of space in both newspaper and blog columns, and have been splashed all over social media.  A cadre of folks denounced the decisions right on the Supreme Court’s steps where presumably the Justices could see and hear them.  

What hasn’t happened is the arrival of military troops to shut down dissent. The Justices have not been carted off to prisons or asked/forced to resign their positions.   Buildings have not been set on fire and bombs have not exploded.

There has been talk of making a change to the laws in question.  Many of those at odds with the Court are ready to run for Congress and we are happy, even encouraging, them to do so . . . because that is how it works in this country.

The United States is not perfect.  We don’t always get it right, at least, sometimes not the first time or the second or third, depending on your way of thinking.  However, July 4, 1776, a group of representatives, believing that individuals should determine their own direction, that dissension should be tolerated, that each of us should be allowed freedoms based upon our natures, our dreams, and our desires, signed a document known as the Declaration of Independence that stated exactly that.

In this week leading up to July 4, 2014, I’m reminded that such concepts are still considered radical in many parts of our world.  Dictators hammer, martial law is enacted, and all involved must be scratching their heads that we allow our citizens to post any criticism they choose on their FB pages. They cannot believe it wise of us to grant freedom of speech over our airwaves.  More puzzling must be that we give our people from all walks of life access to our legal system and the opportunity to hold office in our government or that our courts have a say in whether laws and policies are just.

And all the while, we flourish.

This really is a great country.

Cathy Maxwell believes love is so important, she devotes her writing to it. She is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty historical romances.  She also enjoys penning pieces for FoxNews.com. Click here to order her latest novel, "The Match of the Century." Fans can contact Cathy at www.cathymaxwell.com.