Hey, have you heard about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sister?  Oh, wait, of course you have. It’s being covered like Ali’s “Thrilla in Manila.”

But why? Is it the grainy elevator video capturing them from above? Or maybe it’s that a chick is beating up a guy. Or, how about that people are secretly pleased that the first couple of music has the same family quarrels as the rest of us.  

TMZ pulled off quite a heist by acquiring the video from the swanky New York City Standard Hotel. I watched the video ten times yesterday on one cable news channel in four hours.  (Hey, it’s my job to watch TV!)

And let’s not talk about the social media firestorm that continues to rage over the video snippet that lasts only a few seconds.

On second thought, let’s dive right in:

[youtube _GNHFyaPJ0c]

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