Does the Obama Administration Approve of Racial Intimidation, Nightsticks at Polls?

By Tommy De SenoAttorney/Editor, Justified Right

Democrats are awful.

Remember in the 2004 election when the Democratic National Committee put out an election handbook telling workers to claim voter intimidation by Republicans even if there wasn't any? Here is part of the handbook:

2. If no signs of intimidation have emerged yet, launch a "pre-emptive strike..."

The handbook then makes suggestions for press releases with quotes from important people about voter intimidation in general, which will give the impression that voter intimidation is taking place now.

In other words, the DNC told poll workers to mislead the world into thinking the Republicans engaged in voter intimidation when they did not.

That gave rise to endless screams of voter suppression which were baseless.

The standard for what could possibly be "voter intimidation" when Bush won elections was set pretty low. Read this reportfrom the US Commission on Civil Rights, where it is suggested that the mere presence of an empty police car parked across the street from a polling place could be intimidation.

Now fast forward to the 2008 election, when 3 members of the New Black Panther Party showed up in paramilitary uniforms, one brandishing a nightstick. They stood near the doorway of a Philadelphia polling place, one tapping the nightstick in his hand, and proceeded to make insults to white people (and black people they perceived as McCain supporters) as they came to vote.

FOX News reports:

A poll watcher who provided an affidavit to prosecutors in the case noted that Bartle Bull, who worked as a civil rights lawyer in the south in the 1960's and is a former campaign manager for Robert Kennedy, said it was the most blatant form of voter intimidation he had ever seen.

In his affidavit, obtained by FOX News, Bull wrote "I watched the two uniformed men confront voters and attempt to intimidate voters. They were positioned in a location that forced every voter to pass in close proximity to them. The weapon was openly displayed and brandished in plain sight of voters."

He also said they tried to "interfere with the work of other poll observers ... whom the uniformed men apparently believed did not share their preferences politically," noting that one of the panthers turned toward the white poll observers and said "you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker."

Let's be clear that law abiding citizens, both white and black, would not want to deal with these 3 guys and their nightstick at a polling place, nor should they have to summon the courage to do so just to vote.

The Bush administration investigated the incident and charged the three members of the New Black Panthers with voter intimidation.

The Obama administration has taken over the case, and dropped the charges.

So an empty police vehicle is intimidation, but 3 men in paramilitary uniforms brandishing a nightstick and hurling insults at voters is not?

Imagine if 3 idiots in Ku Klux Klan outfits stood at the entrance of a Southern polling place with a nightstick and hurled insults at black voters. The Obama administration would not only throw the book at them, the DNC would lie and claim the RNC put them up to it.

For a better feel of how intimidating these guys were, take a look at this video shot on election day, and welcome to the new world of Obama voting -- there's no such thing as voter intimidation, so long as you are intimidating Republicans:


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Tommy De Seno is an attorney in New Jersey and contributor to Ricochet.com.