• With: Montell Williams

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You know, my buddy Montel Williams was listening to this as Chad was speaking and shaking his head.

    God knows.

    MONTEL WILLIAMS, FOUNDER, MONTEL MEDIA GROUP: Tick, tick, tick. You said it, 20 a day.

    CAVUTO: Do you believe this?

    WILLIAMS: I do not believe this.

    I'm not going to argue with the president and his choice. I'm going to argue that I think that we're going to see more than 30 days for this. This is the Congress and the Senate that believes that anything he does, they have got to make sure they drag out.

    So here goes another 90 days. Tick, tick, tick, 90 times 20, 180 soldiers have to die before they get off and do something? And why is that every day I keep hearing the president? Bold. I support him in this. You want to be bold and do something because nobody else is going to do it? He said, I'm stuck with a good plan. I'm going to use my executive privilege to take care of immigration. He's going to use his executive privilege...

    CAVUTO: Well, here's one where you could put Republicans right on the spot, say, all right, you don't like my executive orders, you're taking me to court over them. Here's one I dare you to fight me on. I'm going to put McDonald in there right now. I'm going to give him carte blanche power to do whatever the hell he wants. What are you going to do?

    I dare say no one is going to do anything if he did that.

    WILLIAMS: I think he should. This is the one he should step up.

    CAVUTO: But why isn't he?

    WILLIAMS: I don't know. He's not listening to me.

    CAVUTO: What would you do? What would you do?

    WILLIAMS: Well, exactly what you just said.

    I'm not necessarily sure that McDonald is the best, because I don't know anything about him.

    CAVUTO: Granted, Granted.

    WILLIAMS: But let's just say that he's the best.

    I want to give him the authority when he walks in the door with what the president has asked Congress to do, give him firing authority on day one.


    CAVUTO: He doesn't have that now. He doesn't have it now.

    WILLIAMS: So, what I'm doing with the executive order, if you put me in office, I'm putting him in office today, I'm giving him executive privilege to be able to fire some people in there that we know were part of the scheme and scam to steal from Americans and veterans.

    And then what I'm going to do is I'm also going to order, like I keep saying, #VAsurge, #VAsurge.

    CAVUTO: And what would that do again, for those who didn't catch your other appearances?

    WILLIAMS: What that will do -- what that will do is that would immediately allow me to put money in place that has already been budgeted, bring on the staff we need to find out the bottom line.

    Look at this. They're talking of a budget of $35 billion. Are you kidding? A lie.

    CAVUTO: That's $35 billion more.

    WILLIAMS: That's a lie, though.


    CAVUTO: Now, let me ask you this. We're talking about -- this amazes me. It gets $158 billion a year.

    WILLIAMS: Right.

    CAVUTO: I know it's hard to track this money, but it would seem with $158 billion a year, we could certainly do a better job taking care of our veterans. What happens?

    WILLIAMS: I think, again, we go back to this problem. Remember, I told you last time about that chicken. Here we go.

    You can cut the head off all you want. Middle management has got to go. We have got change the system and turn it back into a system that supplies product to soldiers. So logistically we have to get the services to the soldiers. That has to happen today.

    And, unfortunately, we're not thinking that way. Right you, we have to figure out. It's going to take Congress and the Senate to sit down and pass a bill -- $38 million?


    WILLIAMS: We don't even know what the bottom line is; $38 million may not touch it.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    WILLIAMS: Neil, truthfully, remember, you got soldiers who have not seen doctors for four years, some of them left off the list.