• Say this about Faisal Shahzad: If he is the guy who masterminded this botched attack on New York's Times Square, he didn't much care who was president, did he?

    Just like that Nigerian Muslim underwear bomber last Christmas; or last June, the American Muslim who opened fire on a U.S. military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas — fanatics who clearly didn't get the message that we were sending out a different message.

    That we wanted to make amends with the Muslim world; that there was a new president, with a new vision, leading a new America.

    Turns out, for some, at least, the same old hated America. I guess great leaders come and go, but the Great Satan remains.

    That's because there will always be nuts who don't distinguish or care; who hate us to our core and our very society with their entire beings.

    They want us dead — plain and simple — and they will do everything in their power to plain and simply make it happen.

    Reasonable people cannot fathom unreasonable people, so they try to reason with the very folks whose warped views have no reason.

    I'm not saying reaching out to the Muslim world is a bad thing, just don't assume extreme elements won't still push that "kill the infidels" thing.

    Try as we might to get the world to like us, there will always be those whose goal will be a world without us. They're sick, they're crazy, they're evil.

    They're terrorists who don't care who's running this American show, just that this American show be stopped, and permanently.

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