• With: Bernard McGuirk,Greg Gutfeld

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    "Back of the Book" segment tonight, "Pinheads of the Year." Here, once again, Gutfeld and McGuirk. All right, who have you chosen, McGuirk.

    MCGUIRK:  I've chosen my good friend, Kanye Hoe West. And I say that with all due respect because I actually like the guy. I feel sorry for him.

    Don't judge me. I like a lot of his music. But, aside from all these delusions of grandeur, --


    -- comparing himself to Jesus, he acts like an angry, thin-skinned spoiled punk. And he doesn't have to. He shouldn't. He's got gold grills, $3,000-Maybach -- $300,000-Mayback cars, I mean, by the dozens, and also this latest --


    -- episode with Kim Kardashian, this nasty episode with sex tapes, athletes --


    I mean, just nasty, nasty history. And he's jumping up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise over this girl. You would need a hazmat suit to get in the sack with this chick.

    O'REILLY:  All right. So, he's your "Pinhead of the Year." But do you realize that --


    -- no one really cares about Mr. West. I mean, unless you're in the hip-hop community and this is what you -- no one really cares about this guy.

    MCGUIRK:  But I think even your audience know that.

    O'REILLY:  They know who he is --

    MCGUIRK:  They know that you've been in an elevator.

    O'REILLY:  -- primarily because of the Taylor Swift thing, you know, when he went in and embarrassed that young woman.

    GUTFELD:  Your audience thinks Kanye West is an airline.

    O'REILLY:  You think so.

    GUTFELD:  Yes.


    O'REILLY:  OK. And your "Pinhead of the Year," Gutfeld.

    GUTFELD:  Jim Carrey. He put out a video for Funny or Die, in which he actually dies in it, a spoof video going out to the NRA --


    -- and Second Amendment, which is fine. You could be -- you know, hate guns all you want. But his video mocked the late Charlton Heston and said some extremely tasteless and cruel things about Charlton Heston, about his personal life, which is disgusting and cowardly when the person is dead and can't fight back.

    The justice world, as the irony in this is, now, Jim Carrey's career is as dead as Charlton Heston. Charlton Heston's career -- his movies are actually being watched by more people. Now, Jim Carrey --

    O'REILLY:  I think Carrey hurt himself big time.

    GUTFELD:  Yes.

    O'REILLY:  Now, he apologized. And, apparently, you did not accept that apology.

    GUTFELD:  His apology was driven by his agent. Let's face it, he saw the writing on the wall and it was, "You're over." So, he had to apologize.

    O'REILLY:  You agree he's a pinhead, Carrey?

    MCGUIRK:  Oh, for that, yes. But he was great in Dumb and Dumber.


    I love that movie.

    GUTFELD:  And he's doing a sequel.

    MCGUIRK:  Yes.

    O'REILLY:  Is he in the sequel.

    GUTFELD:  I didn't read that part.

    O'REILLY:  OK.