• With: Joshua Dubois,Gerald Murray

    O'REILLY: Ok children who have derelict parents. And I say you know it's not the kids' fault so I'm going to give the money to the kids. But I don't give it to charities unless the charity hands it to the kids, all right, gets it right to the kids. So I'm circumventing the drugs and the alcohol and the other craziness, all right? And I know charities, who do that and they do it well.

    But a lot of charities don't. And the government certainly doesn't. The government throws it with no drug testing, no counseling, nothing. Bang right in there. And a lot of that money goes right down the drain. Go ahead.

    DUBOIS: But Bill, I would tell you I don't live in a derelict country. There are some folks who have the problems that you describe. But that is not the vast majority of food stamp recipients.

    O'REILLY: It's about 15 percent of the population.

    DUBOIS: $12 an hour, $15 an hour trying to put food on the table. And they just need a little help from a compassionate country to stretch their bills.


    O'REILLY: So you don't think -- you don't think that we are creating a culture of dependence here in this country now?

    DUBOIS: No I think we are creating a culture where we're trying to give folks a hand up so they can get out of poverty. That's what SNAP does, that's what the food stamp program does. That's not saying there are some exceptions to that absolutely there are abuses. And we need to get rid of them.

    But for the most part people who are receiving food stamps in SNAP are not derelicts they are not dependence. They are folks who just need a little bit of help to put food on the table.

    O'REILLY: All right, very good debate guys. We appreciate you both coming in. Merry Christmas to you.

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