• With: Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church in Dallas

    O'REILLY: But there is no Christian organization that can come out and say you just insulted Jesus, you know, in a publicly-funded institution, the state of Florida.

    JEFFRESS: Yes.

    O'REILLY: Hey, you better knock it off.

    JEFFRESS: Well and that's the downside, but I do think, Bill, all of our viewers, what they need to do is start pushing back against this kind of stuff even on the local level.

    O'REILLY: How? How?

    JEFFRESS: Ok let me give you an illustration. Years ago a principal told my third grade daughter that she couldn't pass out a water bottle at school because it had a bible verse on it. I called him up and politely but nicely said you know my daughter has First Amendment rights as a Christian and as an American. She is free to do that. He finally backed down.

    Now, I believe that Christians everywhere on the local level would start pushing back against this encroachment, I think we might see it stop. But the other side of this is, you know, the power of the resurrection message is powerful enough to overcome these wacko professors you have been talking about.

    O'REILLY: I'm not sure about that.

    JEFFRESS: But oh it will. It prevailed over the Roman Empire. It will prevail but until then we need to stand up.

    O'REILLY: Yes but right now, Christianity is on the run in this country.

    JEFFRESS: Absolutely.

    O'REILLY: Getting pounded. So maybe you are right eventually. Now I just want to mention that the Pastor is opening what, the largest church in America in Dallas.

    JEFFRESS: It's the largest church building program, a Protestant- building program in modern history, $130 million project. We open up Easter Sunday on five blocks of downtown Dallas. And encourage any viewers to come and see us.

    O'REILLY: Look at that.

    JEFFRESS: That's our fountain we dedicated on last Sunday night. It's magnificent. It's water features that go along with great hymns. It's a spiritual oasis in the heart of America's greatest city, I think.

    O'REILLY: Well congratulations thanks for coming in here.

    JEFFRESS: Thanks for having me Bill.

    O'REILLY: Nice to see you.

    JEFFRESS: It's good to see you.

    O'REILLY: Happy Easter to you.

    JEFFRESS: You too.

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