• GUILFOYLE: No, it's not.

    WIEHL: Her mother has also been charged.

    O'REILLY: Now, here is the weird part about this. The kid, 16-year- old, his parents...

    GUILFOYLE: Right. Sat in the same...

    O'REILLY: ... are sympathizing with this woman, right?

    GUILFOYLE: Yes. They don't want to prosecute.

    O'REILLY: They don't want to prosecute. Is this another "what's her name" in Seattle?

    WIEHL: Mary Kay Letourneau?

    O'REILLY: Is that another -- is that what this is all about?

    WIEHL: Mary Kay Letourneau. I don't know that they're going to run off like Billie for lifestyle. But nevertheless, had a relationship. She's actually getting annulment now.

    O'REILLY: I don't care about that.

    GUILFOYLE: Well, there's a lot of complications.

    O'REILLY: But I do care about the boy's family...

    WIEHL: Right.

    O'REILLY: ... doesn't want the prosecution.

    GUILFOYLE: Yes, they sat in court together like next to each other.

    O'REILLY: Together with her family. OK, but that doesn't have any influence on the prosecutors. If they have the evidence, they have to go forward.

    WIEHL: Well, clearly, it's harder -- when a victim is going to take the stand.

    But if you've got those sexually explicit text messages you don't need the victim. And you know, if this guy doesn't want to go forward because he doesn't think that he's a victim...

    GUILFOYLE: Right.

    O'REILLY: And she's charged with some pretty heavy heat.

    GUILFOYLE: Yes, she is. Sexual assault and essentially the indecency statute, saying you're trying to use electronic means to lure a child into a situation.

    O'REILLY: And I think there should be more laws passed that if you're a teacher or have any authority over people, you should get even longer.

    GUILFOYLE: You don't want to get a pass because of being a cheerleader.

    O'REILLY: Now, we were going to do the lottery. But going to do it next week. Don't buy lottery tickets with other people.

    WIEHL: Don't do it.

    O'REILLY: Don't do that. When you buy a lottery ticket, just buy it for you. Don't be splitting it with the office. Never works. All right, ladies, thanks very much.

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