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    BILL O'REILLY, HOST: Now for the top story tonight: reaction [to racism charges in the Tea Party movement]. We tried to get Congressman John Lewis, Emanuel Cleaver and Jesse Jackson Jr. to discuss the race Tea Party issue. They all declined. Those men were at the Capitol protest last week.

    With us now is a man who is watching the situation closely, the Rev. Al Sharpton. All right. I just bloviated for three minutes. What say you?

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    REV. AL SHARPTON, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: I say that everybody has to be very careful how they analyze what we are watching. All of us that are in public have to be very careful of our words. I have gone through that in the past where you say things, people accuse you of saying something you didn't. But then you have blatant examples when people are using racial language, where people spit on a member of Congress. That's not a gray area.

    O'REILLY: Now, you're talking about the guy with the hands out? Because we have this video of the hands like this spitting on Emanuel Cleaver. Are you sure he did that? Are you sure he spitted or it was just spittle?

    SHARPTON: However it was done.

    O'REILLY: Right.

    SHARPTON: We do not…

    O'REILLY: But there is a difference between intentional and non- intentional.

    SHARPTON: But there also is a difference between someone getting close enough that he would have intention to spit on a U.S. congressman.

    O'REILLY: There is no doubt, he is close and he is giving him what — for…


    SHARPTON: And there's no close that disregarding member of Congress. And I think that there is clearly a line of decency that we have to draw.


    SHARPTON: I wish that the chairman of the Republican Party had agreed to a joint statement with the chairman of the Democratic Party. But the only part that I would agree on what you said tonight, I think that every side has to be careful. I remember I did a TV show and a guy asked me right on this station well, some people say this is socialism with health care. I say if you say, you're saying American people voted for socialism. They come on with headlines that I called it socialism. I responded.

    O'REILLY: OK. I got it. I used that sound bite, too.

    SHARPTON: If you say that, that's what you say.

    O'REILLY: That's what you voted for.