• With: Sarah Palin

    VAN SUSTEREN: I -- you know, I think that's -- you know, it's -- I mean, everyone should be challenged the same way equally. I'm with you on that. I actually think it tends to fall more along gender lines because I've seen some horrible things said about former speaker Pelosi, now Leader Pelosi, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I mean, there's blistering things have been said about them, just horrible things. So I think it's sort of equal opportunity more against -- more towards the women. But I think time after time, things should change. But I hope it's water off a duck's back for all of them, and also for candidates.

    But one thing that I will say, though. I think that we should explore people's record. And I think that's important, not just look -- not just look at the horrible things that -- or the things we don't like, whatever it is, but also compare and contrast to some of the other things the person brings to the table.

    PALIN: Yes, compare, contrast, explore their record, see if what they have done in the past, what they're doing today affects their potential decision making because their decisions in leading this country are going to affect every single one of our lives.