• VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have a hot temper?

    TYSON: It can be.

    VAN SUSTEREN: When you have a temper, I don't want to be in your way.

    TYSON: That don't move my boat no more. It is about winning. I want to win in a good healthy way. Everybody has a temper. I have a great deal of frustration, rage, violence. Everybody has that. I do other things. It comes out in other ways, loving my children. In comes out in case my wife makes a mistake and I want to say what are you doing? I might want to kiss and rub her and hug her. It works in different ways now.


    VAN SUSTEREN: Coming up, Mike Tyson says he has a long way to go, but he has already achieved more than most of us can imagine. What is he talking about? And will Tyson make a return to the boxing ring? You hear much more from the boxing champ, next.



    VAN SUSTEREN: Here's more with our interview with boxing champ Mike Tyson.


    TYSON: These are my personal birds.

    VAN SUSTEREN: What do you do with them, just look at them?

    TYSON: There comes a time I'm going to let them out and fly. I'm going to put in another three weeks, I let them out.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Do they come back?



    TYSON: All the time.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Are there different kinds?

    TYSON: There are so many different kinds.

    VAN SUSTEREN: How long have you been a vegan?

    TYSON: Two years.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Notice any difference?

    TYSON: Every now and then, sometimes I forget to eat sometime. Every now and then I get aches but I feel awesome.

    VAN SUSTEREN: People say they don't have arthritis problems many

    TYSON: I feel awesome.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Mentally feeling different as vegan?

    TYSON: Incredible. I wish I was born this way. When you find out about the processed stuff you have been eating. I wonder why I was crazy all those years.

    VAN SUSTEREN: The food

    TYSON: All that garbage I was eating running around, the drugs didn't help either.


    VAN SUSTEREN: The drugs didn't help either. Who does the vegan cooking?

    TYSON: My wife does everything.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Did she get you to be a vegan or did you get her?

    TYSON: My wife will never be a vegan. She is like, this week we are going to be a vegetarian guys. This month we're going to be a vegan. She wants to lose weight she is a vegan that month, a vegetarian. She likes to eat fish and red meat. She is the one that inspired know become a very began. She was a vegan that month.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And it stuck with you.

    TYSON: I stayed with it.

    VAN SUSTEREN: How about boxing, any chance we'll see you?

    TYSON: Me fight somebody? Somebody would kill me. I don't have that attitude no more. I don't want to stare a guy down and talk about killing his kids and his mother.

    VAN SUSTEREN: It is over.