• With: Fernando Colon, Husband of Accused Kidnapper Ariel Castro's Ex-Wife

    COLON: Let me put it this way. It did not surprise me that this did happen. I knew the type of person that Ariel was. He's a very smart man. I always said that he's like a psychologist, very perceptive, very dangerous man, according to everything that his ex-wife has told me.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Did his ex-wife ever suspect him in the disappearance of the three?

    COLON: As far as I know, no, she never mentioned anything.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Had you ever been inside the house?

    COLON: No. As far as I've been is to the front of the house.

    VAN SUSTEREN: So when you heard the other night that he was arrested, your thought -- your first thought was what?

    COLON: My first thought, I thanked God because for a long time, I was saying that Ariel Castro was a very dangerous man. He had the opportunity and the means to get those girls. They disappeared in plain daylight with no struggle whatsoever.

    And also, I felt very happy for my ex-wife. As you know, she passed, and I took it as a revenge for her to what everything that he did to her.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Fernando, thank you very much.

    COLON: Thank you.