• With: Newt Gingrich

    GINGRICH: No, I don't say this in a casual way. I say this as somebody who's been at this business since August of 1958.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Who's counting?

    GINGRICH: The American people have the ability, ultimately -- in 2006, they punished the Republicans. In 2010, they punished the Democrats. They have an enormous capacity to send messages when they get their back up and they get angry.

    The two parties are very balanced. Republicans have 30 governors, 315 electoral votes. They 24 states where they have the governors and the legislature, 51 percent of the country. They have control of the U.S. House. The president has the Senate, and he won the presidency.

    So there's an interesting balance of the two parties right now, and I think the party which breaks loose from this, which will happen eventually, will be the party that looks to the future, listens to the American people and offers innovative solutions.

    It won't be an anti-Obama Republican Party and it won't be an anti- Republican Obama party. It will be a party that puts the American people first. And whichever party figures that formula out first is going to end up as the governing majority.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it seems that both parties are sort of angling for the Hispanic vote, the Democratic Party already having -- they're not really looking towards the future. And I know you've written papers and talking about some of the pioneers of the future and looking towards new ideas and big ideas. But the two parties seem to instead trying to be, you know, cutting up the pie and seeing, you know, Republicans are trying to do -- scramble to get the Hispanic vote, and the Democrats already have it.

    GINGRICH: No question about it. I mean, (INAUDIBLE) it's like playing King of the Hill and the other guy's on the top of the hill. Democrats have the advantage with Asian Americans, Latino Americans and African-Americans and Native Americans. If they can retain that advantage at its current rate, they will be the majority party no matter what happens to Republicans.

    If, on the other hand -- and I must -- I want to give Chairman Reince Priebus a big shoutout for this. I mean, he has a very aggressive program under way. He is very serious about it. And he is beginning to try to get across to Republicans, You have to go and visit with people and listen to people and learn from people. If you do that, I think we could easily get our share of the vote up very dramatically.

    VAN SUSTEREN: But I remember prior to the last go-round -- I remember you -- in fact, you went out to Michigan, talking to the Democrats and Republicans on education. And I sort of had my eye on your campaign,. I thought, There he is, he's going around the country, doing his new solutions, new ideas, all those things, and trying to talk to both sides of the aisle. But that didn't work out too well.

    GINGRICH: Look, I think that's a different environment because if you're outspent five to one, as I was in Florida, it doesn't matter what your ideas are, you're going to be drowned. I think, in the long run, for the party, if you look at the governors who are successful, the senators who are successful, they are very much oriented to serving the American people.

    As I said a while ago, if you look at a Nikki Haley, a Susana Martinez, we have a great potential future as a party. And I think that the challenge for the party is to recognize the old Republican Party isn't going to get there. You've got to really rethink the world we're in. You have to understand the 21st century. And you have to -- I think you have to forget red versus blue, get rid of the consultants who don't understand it, and focus on serving 311 million people.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. A the dopey question, but I always ask, but since we're talking about this, I'm sort of curious whether or not you have any interest to run again.

    GINGRICH: I think I'll -- ask me that in January of 2015.

    VAN SUSTEREN: So it's not -- it's not a no?

    GINGRICH: It's not a no.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Not a no. Speaker, always nice to see you.

    GINGRICH: Fun to be with you.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Nice to see you.