• With: Sen. Bob Corker and Rep. Aaron Schock

    VAN SUSTEREN: Congressman, you said that $3 of cuts for every dollar raised in income. And I -- revenue -- and I hear the Republicans say it all the time, so I decided to fact check you all. And actually, I did find -- actually, someone found it for me -- on April 13th, 2011, the White House released the president's framework for shared prosperity and shared fiscal responsibility.

    And it includes this paragraph. "The president's framework would seek a balanced approach to bringing down our deficit with $3 of spending cuts and interest savings for every $1 from tax reform that contributes to deficit reduction. And they says that this is consistent with the bipartisan fiscal commission's approach.

    So yes, he did say that, and yes, we don't have that, and yes, we're approaching this deadline.

    SCHOCK: So how do you negotiate with that? I mean, how do you negotiate with someone who said during the campaign over and over $3 in cuts for $1 in revenue. And now neither side is going to get everything that they want. But the House Republicans have said, OK, we'll find $800 billion in revenue, but give us the $2.4 trillion in cuts, and he's not been willing to do that.

    And so the last ditch effort, the Hail Mary pass last week, was the House of Representatives saying, Fine, let's take Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's bill that they proposed this summer, which was to extend the tax rates on every household and every small business a million dollars and below, allow them to go up on the million dollars and above, which is the current law on January 1 -- let's do that, that that ought to be something we can agree on.

    Mind you -- let me just add this. When we voted on our bill in the House this summer, that was a clean extension, which was an extension for everyone in America, not only did every Republican vote for that, but 19 Democrats did, as well. So this is why it's so frustrating for those of us in the House is that...

    VAN SUSTEREN: And -- and you...

    SCHOCK: ... now we're close to this cliff...

    VAN SUSTEREN: And it's frustrating...

    SCHOCK: And we can't even get a single Democrat to join with us!

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, if you think you're frustrated, try the American people as they watch what's going on! But Congressman, thank you, sir. Good luck, sir.

    SCHOCK: Thanks, Greta. Call the Senate and get them to act. We can't negotiate with nothing!

    VAN SUSTEREN: I don't think they'd listen to me. But anyway, thank you, Congressman.