• With: Newt Gingrich

    That began a pattern. And of course, he was president. As you remember from your own experience, you have the bully pulpit of the White House. On any given day, you can dominate the news. May not be able to dominate for six months, but you can sure dominate it for one day. And Clinton was very good at saying, I'll let you have a big win as long as I get the press conference.

    PERINO: And it sure helps when the press is on your side, I have to say!

    GINGRICH: Absolutely.

    PERINO: Let me -- I have two other questions for you. One is, there is some talk that there might be a challenge to Speaker Boehner, that one of the other -- one of his fellow Republicans would mount a challenge and try to unseat him. Do you see that coming?

    GINGRICH: I doubt it. I think people are frustrated and there's a lot of back-biting and bickering tonight. But I think that John Boehner has worked very, very hard at this, and I think it basically comes down to a question of -- as long as his core team is still with him, I think he is in good shape. And that means, basically, that Cantor's got to decide to stay with him, that Paul Ryan has got to be with him, and a handful of other key players. If that happens, I suspect he'll be all right for this round.

    But they're faced with a very big challenge over the next two years, and they need to slow down and they need to develop a strategy. They don't currently have any strategy that I can tell as an outsider.

    PERINO: OK, this is my last question for you was, did you know that you and I actually crossed paths in 1995? It was the first day of the first government shutdown? November 9th, 1995, was my first day as press secretary to the late Congressman Dan Sheafer.

    GINGRICH: I did not realize that. That's wild. Well, you certainly were right in the middle of it, then. You know how much more complicated it was than some of the later memories.

    PERINO: Well, and also, I didn't know if I was an essential employee or not.

    GINGRICH: I hope you were.

    PERINO: But you're always essential!

    GINGRICH: I would certainly have vouched for you.

    PERINO: You are always essential! We're so glad we had you tonight. It was perfect serendipity. Thank you so much. Thanks, Speaker.

    GINGRICH: Thanks, Dana.